Pumping & work: let me start by saying I feel my breast pump is whispering to me while I pump. “Suck the boob, suck the boob, suck the boob…” Pretty much every random phrase that involves the words “suck”, “boob”, “ouch”, etc are what I hear while I pump in a nice rhythmic cadence. So lately I’ve been watching Downton Abbey while I pump. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and unlimited streaming! Here are the things that you really don’t think about until you are pumping 2-3x a day and more specifically while at work. Privacy – I am fortunate … Continue reading Whispers

Pregnancy Glow

For 9 months, I didn’t understand the term “pregnancy glow”. I mean I knew my hair was different, my nails a little stronger and my face did seem to be void of acne. However, now that the “glow” is gone I really wish I had enjoyed it more.  Here are the things I now miss about being pregnant: My Hair: these days my hair is falling out in massive clumps. I can’t run my fingers through it without being totally covered in hair. Teo somehow always ends up with a few strands in his hands, on his mouth while nursing … Continue reading Pregnancy Glow