Pregnancy Glow

For 9 months, I didn’t understand the term “pregnancy glow”. I mean I knew my hair was different, my nails a little stronger and my face did seem to be void of acne. However, now that the “glow” is gone I really wish I had enjoyed it more. 

Here are the things I now miss about being pregnant:

  1. My Hair: these days my hair is falling out in massive clumps. I can’t run my fingers through it without being totally covered in hair. Teo somehow always ends up with a few strands in his hands, on his mouth while nursing and it’s always all over the dryer lint thing. Plus it’s not shiny and full anymore. While I was pregnant I could go multiple days without washing and still have gorgeous flowing locks now I’m stuck with either washing/styling daily (yea right!) or being ok with lack luster hair which usually ends up in a messy ponytail. 
  2. Nails: Pretty hard to sneak away for a manicure/pedicure when you’re nursing on demand on the weekends and working full time on the weekdays. (Not saying I couldn’t get Scott to watch the baby for a few while I have Mommy time but c’mon I want to spend every minute of my weekend with our sweet Son) So without the help of a salon, I find my nails are crazy brittle and don’t exactly scream “beauty”. Gone are the pregnant days of strong and beautifully long nails. 
  3. Boobs and my bras: ok so I’m not saying my boobs are terrible now but they aren’t the same as the perky awesome pregnancy boobs. I really miss my normal bras, the ones that actually do some lifting. Nursing bras and nursing pads just don’t lend to good looking breasts. 
  4. The belly bump: I mean it was pretty fun to be pregnant. I enjoy talking to random people so I didn’t mind that the bump lent itself to strangers talking to me. I also didn’t experience any weirdos touching my tummy so I can’t speak to that. When I’m out and about I still feel the urge to talk to pregnant women because while I had a bump of my own it seemed like we were the same: going through a journey only preggos understand. I now realize that clearly any woman who has had a baby understands that journey but without a baby in tow you kinda have to explain yourself instead of just knowing that you are both going through the same things. It’s a sort of club only pregnant women can be a part of and that’s pretty cool.

Seriously pregnancy was an amazing time for me. (Well minus the whole morning sickness period, that was terrible) I’m sure Scott is going to read this and call BS because he probably remembers those 9 months much differently. Either way, preggos: enjoy it cuz even though it feels like a pain and a crazy process to go through to have a baby, it’s worth it! 
Just for funsies, here’s a pic from my Preggo days along with my awesome Mom & siblings.

Also this from Dr. Seuss

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