Pumping & work: let me start by saying I feel my breast pump is whispering to me while I pump. “Suck the boob, suck the boob, suck the boob…” Pretty much every random phrase that involves the words “suck”, “boob”, “ouch”, etc are what I hear while I pump in a nice rhythmic cadence. So lately I’ve been watching Downton Abbey while I pump. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and unlimited streaming!

Here are the things that you really don’t think about until you are pumping 2-3x a day and more specifically while at work.

  1. Privacy – I am fortunate to have a great lactation room here at ScanSource. It has a little comfy chair and a heater for cold days. Plus a fridge to store milk, a mirror for checking makeup after a cry fest (because let’s be honest sometimes pumping reminds me of my kid and well that reminds me he’s at daycare and I’m a working mom), a private sink for hand & parts washing, and some good counter space for transferring milk or spilling the precious liquid gold you’ve just pumped (another cue for the waterworks). If you aren’t as fortunate to have a private room, it is definitely something you need to talk to your boss about once returning from maternity leave.
  2. Time – no one likes the person that takes 30 minutes every 3 hours to go sit in a room seemingly doing nothing. Although no one has ever said anything of the sort to me, I still feel like I can’t always get away.
  3. Breast pads – not attractive but so necessary because leaking is no joke. I remember early on while standing in my living room talking to a wonderful visitor male friend of ours, I look down to the worse site ever!!! Anywho, wearing them to work is not always the most attractive thing because they are circular and really enhance the boobs which are already bigger than normal with all that milk engorgement. Great!! But even as I’m typing this, I feel guilty for complaining of an over production. Let me be clear, I do not have an over production and I am so thankful that I have enough milk to feed my child and have stores for when my milk slows. So that brings me to our next item.
  4. Outfits – so tough to decide what to wear on a daily basis because not only do you need to breastfeed before work and probably right when you get home but getting completely naked even in a private room is a little weird. So tight dresses are definitely out. Shirts without buttons usually come off completely so tank tops are a must. I’m a little worried for the days to get hotter because layering is a total must with pumping, another safe guard for the leaking though.
  5. Pain – pumping isn’t the best! In fact it’s quite painful. Yes the pain goes away after about 30 seconds and things seem to be fine but it’s really not the best experience. So odd!! I don’t think my nipples will ever be the same again.  And last but not least
  6. Pump parts – they are awful!! I have the Medela pump so we have this little yellow piece that has a white flap that is so very annoying and isn’t very big so I’m sure it can get lost pretty easily. I haven’t lost one yet but I know it’s only a matter of time. 

Ok so now that I’ve complained a whole bunch I have to reiterate that I love providing our child with all the nutrition he needs to survive and thrive. I appreciate working at a place that gives me a comfortable spot to pump. I do hope I can keep this going for at least a few more months. Perhaps I’ll be more positive when I talk about breastfeeding (whenever I write that post).

Therapy done. Happy Monday to whoever actually reads this. 😃




2 thoughts on “Whispers

  1. I read this! And I’m breastfeeding as I do. I have the same pump and agree about that little white flap but babies r us has replacements! Hmm I should do another blog. I love yours and I’m so sorry you are having to pump and work but so glad you have milk to pump:)


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