4 Months Old

Téo hit 4 months on Thursday so we had a pediatrician appointment. Let me just tell you, I love his appointments. I not only love hearing that he is healthy and on track developmentally BUT I love knowing his statistics. 

Length 27.75inches, 99.95th percentile 

Weight 15lbs 10oz, 56th percentile

Head circumference 16.5inches, 62nd percentile 

Bottom line: Téo is BIG! 

At least that’s what we thought, our pediatrician wasn’t too impressed with his weight gain. At 2 months Teo was in the 80th percentile so he’s dropped significantly. I’m a little unsure (aka not ready) to start solids and think Téo sleeps pretty well (except this last week, sleep regression/ growth spurt) Our pediatrician would like us to up his daily calories and respects my feelings about not starting solids just yet. However, she did say that we should watch his weight and maybe add 1-2 tbsp of rice cereal prior to bed. I’m not terribly against this so we’ll see how the next few days go. So we’re going to add 3oz to his daily daycare bottles (3 6oz bottle feeds 3 hours apart) while I’m at work and add in a dream feed around 10/11pm. So far so good. Téo slept great last night (please don’t jinx it)! I put him down with a full belly at 830pm after a good soap bath and lavender lotion massage. Did a dream feed at 11pm. Téo woke up at 3:50a, ate/burped and went back to bed until 7:28am. Pretty good! Anywho, I hope this continues to work. We have a weight check on Friday so we’ll see if he starts gaining some weight. 

Ok so after all of that, I feel I do need to add. I don’t think Téo is hurting in the weight department. I think he is just built like his Daddy and I’m perfectly ok with that. I think it will be wonderful if he continues to stay at the top of the height chart and mid range on weight. Although I am also torn because chubby (super chubby, I mean big cheeks, chunky thighs, baby rolls) are oh so cute! ☺️ I love my “little” big guy and am so happy he was given a stamp of health. Side note: he also got 3 shots and one oral vaccine and took them like a champ. He let out a huge scream & spit milk out at me at the first poke but quickly continued his feed and fell asleep before we could get him fully dressed to leave.  Little guy stayed home all day with Scott & mainly wanted to be held so he and Daddy got some quality time. 

So proud to be his Mom and looking forward to all the milestones ahead of us. 



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