“I delivered him!”

Let me be very clear: I will never use that argument with my husband. I think it is so wrong for women to throw the pregnancy and delivery card at their husbands. I know I can’t speak for all women/men but I know that if my husband had to carry our child for 9 months only to deliver him in whatever crazy fashion his body allowed, he would do it. Yes he would complain (so did I) and yes it would hurt but he would do it. We are biologically given the gift of pregnancy and delivery so why use it against our husbands. Delivering a baby shouldn’t give us women any sort of entitlement because if we truly want equality we have to believe that men could very well do it if they had to. 

I also love the bond that can happen naturally between a Father & Child. Yea they didn’t carry the baby for 9 months, yea they don’t have boobs to nurse them for comfort but Dads are pretty special. So I say that we women stop belittling our husbands and making them feel bad for something they can’t control. We knew what we were getting into when we got pregnant. It’s a journey that is much easier to bear if you can be supportive and loving of one another’s biological circumstance. 

Thank you to all those hard working husbands & dads out there that are helping to make their wives happy while forming a bond with their child in whatever way they can. We love you and are so appreciative of anything you can do to help. 

Here’s a few of my favorite moments between Scott & Téo from the last 4 months. Love you Hubs! 


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