Concrete Boobs

A friend of mine recently had a baby and so naturally we have been talking about the joys that come with being a first time mom and something that keeps coming up is “concrete boobs”. It’s not really something I remember reading about during the pregnancy and had no clue what to expect when it came to the sensations that come with breastfeeding.

Concrete Boobs = super large, engorged, hot to touch, hard, BIG nursing boobs

So a few days after delivering this little tiny baby into the world, your boobs get huge! I’m not talking sexy, break them out during private time with the hubby big, I’m talking gross veiny big hard painful boobs filled with milk that could spew at any moment and does pretty frequently. These concrete boobs require some sensitivity because you still have to feed the little tiny baby you created while not splashing him in the face with a rush of milk being let free. You also don’t want to ignore the huge boobs because you don’t want your milk supply to vanish. BUT you also don’t want to nurse, pump, nurse, pump because A) it’s exhausting & B) it produces more milk and makes your boobs even bigger (is that even possible?), so it’s this fine balance you quickly learn to play with yourself and the little crying human that seems to always want to eat but not get splashed in the face by a concrete boob or worse won’t latch because the boob is too big. I remember thinking that I’d never get through it and Teo would never ever latch comfortably but guess what we made it. The boobs stopped being engorged and have started to feel less like concrete and more like hard play doh that still leak sometimes but not nearly as bad. The geyser that was the milk supply in the beginning has weaned. Plus Teo as do most babies is really good at nursing. He finds where he needs to go with minimal direction and no light (yay for nursing in the middle of the night with no cell phone light) and we haven’t had an eye splash in at least 2 months.

Mommy triumphant moment: A couple weekends ago my big sister and her family were in town so we did a bunch of sightseeing and were on the go quite a bit, which meant no set schedule for Tay and no real privacy for nursing. However, since I’m so good at nursing now (yea right) I was able to nurse him on the go. Yay for nursing tank tops and loose fitting over shirts that can act as a cover so he doesn’t scream bloody murder from over heating. 🙂

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