Way behind the curve

my mind is blown right now…hands free pumping!!! So I know there are bras you can buy but we’re on a tight budget so those just seemed like a waste of money. But if you are into those, I hear this Medela one is awesome. 

Now for a little DIY to save money and sanity. 

I tried the rubber band thing. You can read all about it here. FAIL! I just didn’t feel comfortable doing it that way. So…

Holes in a sports bra…MAGIC! This is what I did: 

  1. Put on a sports bra, noticed where my nipples were lined up and made tiny holes in the bra.
  2. Inserted the funnels from the inside out again making sure my nipples were lined up correctly. 
  3. Plugged in the whole rest of the pump and went to town pumping. 
  4. Smiled to myself and started writing this blog. 

Happy Sunday!! I’m never leaving to work without my new contraption. This is going to make pumping at work a whole lot better.  

can you tell which boob I just fed Teo with?

After I finished writing this I figured I should Google a DIY and found a ehow tutorial that is probably a whole lot safer than cutting while the bra is on but hey I didn’t hurt myself. 

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