Who needs sleep? 

So apparently a 4 month sleep regression is pretty typical. Here’s the run down for Teo:

Growing- yes

Learning new skills- yes

Talking more- yes

Rolling over- yes

Hungry constantly- yes

Teething- quite possibly

Sleeping consistently- NO

Scott & I are in the midst of quite a few changes so he has been out of town for a few days. Thankfully his parents have been here but that means Teo is sleeping in our room in the pack ‘n play. So on top of all this sleep regression mess, we are also dealing with a new environment and Mama jumping at every noise with a boob ready. I can feel Teo learning new sleep habits and I wish I didn’t jump at every noise but I just can’t help it. Teo also still uses a Swaddle and I feel like a transition out of it is eminent. However every time I’ve tried, it has gone terribly wrong. 

Basically neither of us is getting much sleep at night. I’ve read what I can on Google and I guess we just have to push through until the end of it. I’ve also read that we aren’t making too many bad habits at this age and really he only needs to associate happy memories with bedtime. I have a nightly routine and going to bed doesn’t really seem to be our problem, it’s staying in bed for longer than 2 hours a stretch after his initial 4.5hours. 

Anywho any advice fellow Mamas can offer would be great. If you’ve come to this blog hoping for advice, here are the links for the pieces I’ve read. 




Happy Dreaming! 

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