It’s Friday

Happy Friday Breastfeeding Mamas!

Read that link up there and smile. 

It’s amazing the sense of pride I feel when I nurse our son. I really do feel blessed to have been able to nurse Téo for 4 months and I pray (hope) I can continue on for at least a year. I love knowing that he is getting the best possible nutrition and I’m doing that for him. It makes the horrible trips to the “Creamery” worth it. I’ve recently started to seriously dislike my pump. It hurts my nipples/boobs so much. I’ve begun using my Boob Butter more often and still haven’t noticed improvement. However the upside, I’ve begun producing more milk. Téo now drinks 18oz a day while at daycare and I am noticing that my production is easily covering that amount. I still only pump twice a day but nature has definitely taken over. Again I’m just amazed that our bodies naturally adjust to the needs of our babies. Leaking through shirts while you hear them cry…WEIRD but a phenomenal experience because the boobs are literally answering the cries of your baby. 

Thanks to that Buzzfeed list up there I am now curious to see how far my milk will shoot when the boob is full. That is now on the to-do list for the weekend 😁 Anywho, not much to this post but I thought it worthy of sharing. Happy weekend! 

Flashback to a milk drunk  2 week old
the little smoosh, milk drunk at 2 weeks old

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