The New World of Solids for Baby

Teo hit 6 months of life a couple weeks ago and with that came the introduction of solid foods. What a “fun” experience! I put “fun” in quotations because it is a pretty bitter sweet experience for this Mama. I had in my head this notion that we would EBF the first year. As is true with so many things you “think” you are going to do pre-baby and the reality that hits post-baby, feeding & nutrition slapped me in the face. Teo is a big boy and I really think he is ready for solids and seems to enjoy the experience. I too love making him nutritious meals and watching him explore the textures of the foods and his mouth. We’ve also been really impressed with how coordinated he can be when he wants something. 🙂 

First let me tell you that I’ve been following the guidelines given on the Wholesome Babyfood website and here’s what we’ve done: 

Around Mother’s Day (5 months old) – we gave Teo some mashed up bananas for “dinner”. He ate about 1/2tsp. NOTHING! A couple days later we tried some mashed up avocado, he was not interested. More of the avocado was on his bin than in his mouth. We took this to be a sign that he wasn’t really ready for solids and decided to wait until the 6 month mark. 

June 2 – 6 month birthday – bananas, rice cereal & breastmilk was on the menu – Teo loved it!! I think the creaminess that the breastmilk provided was just the ticket. After a few days of consisten banana purée we moved on to avocado purée, again no go!! I mean this kid does not like avocados. Sad! (Scott of course is thrilled because he doesn’t like avocados so it’s just another sign that yes this kid is a miniature him)

Anywho, since our first experience with solids we have done 5 days each of pear purée, sweet potatoe purée and now carrot purée. I always use the same basic recipe: 1 tbsp veggie/fruit blended until smooth, 1 tbsp rice cereal & 1 oz of warm breastmilk. 

Tonight we will move onto Nectarines and then I think I’ll go back to the beginning and start making some new combinations. Plus we’re adding powdered oatmeal to the mix. I’m sure I’ll have more to say in the coming weeks but for now I’m really enjoying making his meals fresh and knowing that next to breastmilk I’m giving him the best possible nutrition there is. 

Side note: I highly recommend you watch the documentary Fed Up. I’m not overly conscientious about what I eat but I really hope I can be more aware of what my child eats. There are way too many products on the market that have ingredients that shouldn’t be there. Why pray tell does tomato sauce have sugar in it??? 


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