Holding On…Letting Go

I think all of us have a little pack rat (hoarder) mentality in us. Some just take it a little farther than others. We are once again packing up all of our belongings and moving across the country, yet this time we’re parents. When we did this 4 years ago, it was just us. Two newly in love crazy “kids” that were looking to make their future a little brighter. Now, we’re moving because we want to be back home and closer to family. Life is different once you have kids, I couldn’t imagine raising Teo this far from all his relatives. Yes, we are saying goodbye to some wonderful friends that we’ve made here. Yes, we’ll miss Greenville. Yes, life will be harder on the west coast (read more expensive). Yes, yes, yes. But it’s time to let go. 

Not only do we need to let go of being close to our new friends and this life we’ve created for ourselves but we need to let go of all the junk (read things we have given meaning to for some reason or another and have kept the last 4 years). Moving provides a perfect opportunity for a purge. My biggest things I’ve been holding on to seem to relate to the pregnancy, L&D, and life with Teo. As parents, we want to save every little thing thinking that it will help us remember every detail of our child’s life and somehow slow down time. Yea right!! Of course the stuff helps but so do the thousands of digital images I have saved on Flickr. I’m talking about the mass amount of ultrasound pictures (yes I’m keeping one for his baby book, don’t freak out), the hospital mementos, the fleet enema box, the Walgreens receipt, the random cord clip & purple towel the EMS left behind…ok so my list is a little bit different than most but you get my drift. I don’t need to keep these things to remember it happened. 

My challenge to you, whatever stage you may be in life, allow yourself the option of letting go. This doesn’t mean you forget but let go. It’s pretty rewarding when you realize how much lighter you feel. 

 See you on the west coast! 

One thought on “Holding On…Letting Go

  1. We’re moving too! But not across the country. I’m so good at getting rid of stuff except when it comes to anything of Austin’s. I saved the plastic clamp from his belly button too!! I hear ya when it comes to how things change with a baby and your priorities of being around family. So excited for you!!


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