Let me start by saying I’m probably jinxing myself with this post. Téo started daycare at 8 weeks old; we sent him to a private home daycare that consisted of a set of 2-year old twin boys, an 18 month old boy, a year old girl and a part-time 2 year old boy. We were told that Téo would probably get sick pretty often because that’s just what happens to daycare babies. However that wasn’t the case. Téo experienced his first & only cold around 5 months old and it was horrible. (Knock on wood, fingers crossed, etc.) Yes, I know we are very lucky and should be thankful for the one and only and I am. Since we haven’t experienced too many sick days, I can only share my experience with germs and what we have done to prevent sickness from creeping in. 

First off, we really didn’t stress about it not did we think we were doing anything special to prevent it. We are new parents so yes we asked visitors in those first few days/weeks to be considerate and wash their hands before “petting” or holding Téo but we didn’t worry too much. We also took him out of the house pretty early. He was born at the beginning of December so we knew it was flu season and once again tried to keep strangers at bay but didn’t really shield him more than normal. 

Secondly, home life was pretty chill. We allowed our two dogs to love on him and lick him when they saw fit. We cleaned but weren’t compulsive. We allowed him to play on the floor as much as possible. He touched and often sucked (for mere seconds) the dogs toys, tails, paws… Get where I’m going? 

Lastly, I breastfeed. I still do for the majority of Téo’s caloric intake. So I guess my point of this post is simply to ask what your experiences have been with your child. What leads to a “healthy” baby? Genes? Hygiene? Environment? If you are reading this and care to share your story, do! I’d love to hear it. 

Thankfully, whatever we did has worked and I am so grateful for the happy go lucky kiddo we have. He is however teething right now and that sucks. You can just tell he is in pain but wants to work through it. But I suppose that’s a post for another day and I do plan on posting more. This blog was meant to be my journal of sorts and I’ve been doing a pretty pathetic job of keeping up with it. 

Pictures added for fun because really I can’t get enough of this kid.  

that really was the best i could do for this month’s pics
see what i mean
eating solids is fun, when you get the food in your mouth


3 thoughts on “Germs

  1. Sounds like your instincts are spot on! A little dirt (& doggy kisses) can actually help make a kid’s immune system stronger and breastfeeding is the best thing you can do to keep your little guy healthy. We have been doing similarly and our little just had his first cold recently as well.


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