Stay asleep, PLEASE! 

Growth spurt.


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New environment.

Lots of transition. 

The last month has had pretty much every milestone in a babies life all at once plus a move across the country. To say it’s messed up his sleep would be an understatement. Poor kiddo is still sleeping in a pack ‘n play and hasn’t quite figured out the time difference thing yet. We still have our bedtime routine and going to bed isnt the issue, it’s staying asleep and staying in his pack ‘n play that is. 

Read this blog post that a friend of ours (who also has a newborn) posted a few days ago on Facebook. It’s funny how perfect the timing of reading it was for me. I was truly at my last bit of energy with Téo’s sleep patterns and not knowing what to do. 


Once again I was reminded that he’ll only be this little for a short period of time. He’ll only be nursing and wanting Mama’s arms for this moment. I need to cherish my nights with him. Thankfully I’m not working right now so sleep can happen when I go back. 😁

As for co-sleeping, I didn’t think we would be doing it but man is it a lifesaver. Mama can get some sleep, sorta. At least I’m not getting out of bed every hour, only waking up every hour to check on his breathing and make sure we haven’t rolled over onto him. Plus I’ve discovered he talks in his sleep. Up to this point we hadn’t used a baby monitor, but man does this kid mumble all night long. Too funny! 

Anywho, Téo is napping now so I guess I should shower and maybe nap myself. 


ErgoBaby to the rescue
Perfectly content in Dada’s arms
Cars + Babies = Nap 100% of the time
Phoenix is so hot!

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