Parent Training

7:42pm Téo and I head upstairs after saying our ni-nights to the Cousins and giving kisses to Dada.

7:47pm Téo nurses on the L side, falls asleep within minutes of latching. Deep even breaths. “Ok, nice & easy Mama!”…my pep talk to myself as I carefully & ever so gently lay Téo to sleep in his crib. NOPE. Mere seconds pass, cries!

Take 2. NOPE

Take 3. Phew! It works. Thankfully it’s only 8:22. Not bad! I proceed to go downstairs, wash the dishes from dinner, chat with the in-laws, & enjoy some quiet before realizing I’m exhausted and Téo will probably be awake soon.

9:04 Netflix is calling my name, in particular One Tree Hill. (Favorite show from high school and college, I’ve been binge watching since we left SC) One episode won’t hurt.

10:21 2 episodes later, a snoring husband and dozing eyes: I check the time, turn off the computer and relax into the bed.

10:28 I hear Téo making noises ever so softly. Oh man! Take some deep breaths…oh wait he stopped. Man, this kid! He definitely will be a sleep talker.

*pillow…must sleep*

10:43 I think I just fell asleep. Téo is giving some real cries. Coming Son!

10:48 Téo nurses on the R side, falls asleep within minutes of latching. Deep even breaths. “Ok, nice & easy Mama!”…once again my pep talk to myself is futile. The moment his body is released from my arms, cries.

*Maybe he needs more Mama comfort. Plus I have 5 lives on TwoDots 😋*

10:59 1 life, level 30 passed Take 2 for Téo

Success! Ok, let’s go sleep! Let’s go Téo!

12:21am CRIES…shoot, I gotta pee. Quick pee break before heading into “rescue” the little guy.

12:39 After rocking Téo into what seems like a deep sleep (even breath sounds, legs periodically twitching), I decide to put him back in his crib.

Think again, Mama. Back to TwoDots.

12:53 Successfully laid him back in his crib.

C’mon Sleep!

1:46 Cries. Mama is way too exhausted for rocking and trying for the crib. Co-sleeping it is! Téo passes out in our bed very quickly. Mind you, we are on a full bed and Téo is sleeping between us. You gotta do what you gotta do! Basically neither of us really sleep while he’s in our bed but he sorta does so I guess it’s worth it.

3:03 WET. WARM. VERY WET. Téo is sound asleep but soaking wet from a pee explosion. Darn it! More self talk, “ok, Mama, maybe we can do this. Nice & easy, get the baby on the floor, diaper bag is somewhere close (I hope).” Tough luck! Baby instantly wakes up, crying, wiggling, ugh! Pants off, diaper changed, now to get a now fully awake baby back to sleep.

3:20 done, not bad. Still in our bed though.

5:30 Did I doze off? Nice! Scott’s alarm goes off and he gets out of bed. I do my usual move his pillow so Téo has an obstacle to overcome if he decides to roll off the bed.

5:43 Téo rolls over onto Scott’s pillow and I kid you not, “Dada”. So sweet!!

5:47 Sleepy grunts. Pfffffffftttt. Oh man, poop! That wakes Téo up. Diaper change time. At this point I’m still hoping for sleep. No such luck! Téo is awake, toys are calling his name. We play for a bit and once again Pfffffftttt. Poop! Man, oh man, I guess the new baby food is making the kid go.

On that note, I guess we should start the day and hope for a long morning nap. Clear to say, Téo has us trained pretty well. Here are some photos from our morning delirium.


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