Thank you! 

Once again I’ve found a wonderful article by way of Facebook that has lead me to write my thoughts on the subject. 

My Husband:5 Reasons I’m not lucky to have him

This is the actual article that lead me to the one above Stop telling me I’m lucky to have a husband that helps out with the kids

From the moment Scott & I found out we were going to be parents we were pretty vocal about our fears and apprehension. We weren’t those typical bubbly, “we’re going to be parents!!!” people. As the pregnancy went along, I definitely began to feel more excited (mixed with anxiety) than fearful. With every kick and hiccup, I really began to love this little baby that was growing inside me. But for Scott, that didn’t happen. I loved him so much for being honest with me about his feelings and not faking love or joy over this “thing” we were having. I knew that in time he would grow to love and cherish our baby and would one day be a wonderful father. 

Those days are here. He is an amazing Dad! I do like to say I am lucky. Just like those women said about their husbands, I’m not lucky because he is a partner in parenting but lucky we found one another and we get to do life together

I love that he changes diapers.

I love that he rubs my back when I return to bed after soothing (nursing) Téo to sleep in the middle of the night. 

I love that he supports my decision to nurse our son.

I love that he brings me coffee in the morning after those really tough nights. 

I love the way he plays with our son. 

I love that he cooks, cleans, picks up where I may have left off even if it’s mid-meal. 

The list goes on and on…

The other day (Scott’s birthday), Téo said his first word “Dada”. Yes I’m jealous as can be and have since tried to get Téo to say “Mama” but I’m willing to give him this one thing. 😋 Because let’s face it, Dadas don’t get much credit in the early days and they deserve it. They do all those unspoken things that keep a family running and sometimes those things aren’t the most glamorous. 

Thank you! 

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