Disciplining an 8 month old

With mobility comes exploration thus discipline required. My goodness this kid is everywhere. He also learned that he can crawl really fast to get away from us. Oy vey! Things I’ve said in the last 24 hours include: 

“No Téo, don’t bite the dog’s tail”

“No Téo, don’t eat the soap!”

“No Téo, please don’t suck on the air freshener.” 

“No Téo, don’t climb on the bookcase” 

“No Téo…

It’s almost like training a puppy. He wants to chew on everything and doesn’t listen when you tell him to stop. In fact, he wags his tail (giggles at you for even trying). 

The simple fact that he stops what he’s doing when we say “no!” seems to show understanding. But the devious smile that follows, c’mon!! How does he already have us wrapped?!?! 

I have a feeling we have many blogs in our future about this topic. Is it too late to send him back? 😜

Don’t worry, i would never give up this sweet little face!

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