5 steps to changing Téo’s diaper

1. Prepare: 1 clean diaper, wipes, toy to keep him occupied, preferably a floor (God forbid you have to change a diaper in public. Where Téo is concerned this might be a blog for another day.)


2. Pull off soiled diaper, use wipes as quick as possible before now mobile and fast baby takes off.  

can you see the naked baby fleeing?
3. Catch the Baby (much easier said than done, darn baby is fast) 


4. Use legs & toy to keep Téo still & happy while securing both sides of the new diaper. (Note to self: get good at securing one side while baby is in motion)

5. Breathe a sigh of relief (not too long, quick baby will probably already be doing something he is not supposed to be doing – see also Disciplining an 8 month old

and take a tired Mama selfie ☺️

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