Bumps, bruises, beds & boobs 

Téo has been fully mobile for 6 weeks and 2 days. We’ve seen our share of bonked heads, bumped eyes and just weird falls. There have been tears, there have been post fall snuggles but oddly enough my breastfeeding baby doesn’t like nursing for comfort post fall. He usually likes to return to the “scene of the crime” and try it again. I love this about him! He is definitely a doer and is already showing that he’s not going to give up when the going gets tough. Yes I know I’m talking about an 8 month old but Mama’s gotta start the positive speak early. 

But the inevitable happened this morning…

At 6:02, Téo fell off the bed. Talk about an alarm clock with no snooze button. Poor baby was wailing!! Even though I know he doesn’t comfort nurse, I tried nursing him. No go! I tried letting him see where he had fallen, nope that made it worse. All I could do was hold my sweet crying baby and tell him it was going to be alright. The look in his eyes while he was crying, so pitiful! He cried for approximately 5 minutes. I have a feeling his thoughts went something like this:

Minute 1-2 “what the heck was that!” One minute I was dreaming of wrestling with Daddy and the next I was falling. Ouch!! My body hurts, why did I fall. Why am I awake?! I hate this. I just want to sleep! 

Minute 3-4“No Lady, I’ve told you before. I don’t like booby when I’m crying!!” Ugh this lady, always giving me her boob. Doesn’t she know I just wanna cry? Doesn’t she know I just want her to hold me? Geez! I am so mad!! Why did I wake up!!! 

Minute 5 Oh man, I’m so sleepy but this crying thing seems comforting. Mama’s arms are warm. Oh yea, I was dreaming before. Ahhh, sleep. …. just kidding, “Let’s play!!” 

Just like that, we woke up for the day. Téo seems fine and doesn’t even appear to be fazed by the fall. I on the other hand have been looking for signs of trauma since it happened. I haven’t Googled anything because I know that could make things worse. I’ll continue watching Téo but for now he’s sleeping cozily in my arms. Man, I love this kid. 

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