Baby wearing for the WIN

Mama, Mama by Jean Marzollo is probably one of my favorites to read to Téo. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you get a copy. 

Mama, mama. Play with me. Carry me so I can see.  

Today started with a bang…Téo woke up entirely too early! On days when he does this, he only wants to be held. Not terrible, I know. But it usually keeps me from getting anything done but today we used the back carry. It was perfect!! I was able to make us breakfast, eat breakfast, clean the kitchen, do laundry and clean the bathroom. Téo was so happy just hanging out on my back. I know he’ll be too big soon for days like today so it was nice to have him close. 

As the day continued, we ran some errands which lead to naps on the go. (The car, as most Moms can attest to, is a magical place where naps are almost certain regardless of need.) 

Nap #1 wasn’t until 10:45 and lasted about 25 minutes.

Nap #2 was at 12:15 and lasted 30 minutes. 

Basically these two naps were sorta his normal AM nap length but didn’t happen at the right time (normal nap time is 9:45ish-11). This late nap schedule pushed his PM nap way back, so far back that it felt like the kid was gonna skip it all together. Enter the ErgoBaby again! Let me also say that Scott is the expert at putting Téo to sleep in this thing. 4:15 Téo finally passes out, only 2 hours later than normal.  The kid was zonked!! He even survived the clumsy transfer where he buried his face into the bed. 

An hour later, realizing we would never get this kid to bed on time, we tried waking him up. Scott picked him up and Téo promptly fell back asleep, head hanging in mid air. He slept for another hour on Scott’s chest (side note: those two took a 3 hour nap in that same position on Saturday aided again by the Ergo). 

best seat in the house
So tonight I tried the usual nurse to sleep at 7:30. Nope! Tried again at 8:30. Nope! Finally, while I started writing this ~9:30,  Scott & the ErgoBaby worked their magic to put the baby boy fast asleep. Now he’s snuggled up next to me in bed. Yep, we’re officially bed sharing but that’s a post for another day.  

My latest recommendation: baby wear! We loved our Moby when Téo was little and now I don’t know what we would do without the Ergo. If anyone has a 360 they would like to give us, we wouldn’t say no. Just saying. 😁

this is Téo not sleeping while I wear him
even Auntie has enjoyed the Ergo for naptime

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