Transformation Tuesday

On the eve of Téo hitting the 9 month mark, I can’t help but reminisce about the 9 months of pregnancy. I was also looking through pictures and am just amazed at what a difference 18 months can make, from a tiny little speck to this beautiful and very active baby boy. 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane:

Remember asking us if we wanted a boy or girl? It was a unanimous and resounding BOY! We were pretty terrified about having a baby but thinking it might be a girl too. Ahhhhh! Anyway, the day of our appointment Scott & I drove in separate cars, I checked in and hung out in the waiting room for Scott to arrive. When he did, he seemed on edge. My inquiry was met with a sorta blank stare and a “I’m fine”. We got called back, did the whole pee in the cup, weight, BP, etc and then sat in another waiting room. 5 very silent minutes later, the ultrasound tech came to get us and again Scott was very quiet and didn’t really greet the friendly tech. She started the prep stuff all while Scott was sitting brick straight in   his seat, very on edge with a distant look in his eyes. She showed us the baby’s heart, legs, arms, spine…the baby was not cooperating. C’mon little one, show us the goods!! Finally, baby turned over and she said “are you ready?!?” Of course that’s why we’re here!!! “Yes”, we said in unison. “It’s a Boy!” And with that news, Scott did a sort of fist air pump and quickly relaxed into his chair as if this was not only the best day of his life but the most relaxed he’s ever been. 

only time it’s okay to share your child’s goods in public 😜

From that day forward, the pregnancy lost some of the mystery and started getting really fun. It didn’t hurt having the morning sickness completely gone and the 2nd trimester being a breeze!! A few days after we found out we were having a boy, we hosted a Gender Reveal party. Our friend Lindsay took a bunch of wonderful pictures and  blogged about the whole thing right after it happened. Read about it here FunnyLove Blog.  We had so much fun that day, I miss our Briarcliff family! 

from a DIY creation

to a nearly 9 lb fascination

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