Take me back

This past weekend we not only celebrated Labor Day but my entire family (well maybe 50%) was in town celebrating our Aunt Gloria & Uncle Charlie. They celebrated 50 YEARS OF MARRIAGE. Whoa!! Amazing right?!? It was an absolutely marvelous weekend full of family, food and pure LOVE. 

Because the party was at a hotel, Scott surprised me with a little staycation. It was perfect! We were able to relax and spread out. I’m not joking, we had a king size bed. Co-sleeping is so much better with a king size bed (especially when Dad is 6’7″ and baby is 100th percentile in length). Even though Teo’s bedtime routine was completely shot, once we put him to bed he slept straight through to morning. He even let me snuggle him a little bit. 

In summary, we got sleep! We partied. We loved on family that we haven’t seen in a few years. We ate ice cream, pizza, and all sorts of yumminess. Did I mention, we slept?!

Please take me back! 


Téo looking cute for the party.
naptime on the king size bed
late night Peter Piper Pizza run…so fun!

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