Crazy Mom Status

Not only am I married to a visual media nut but I’m obsessed with my child. I probably take upwards of 30 photos and at least 1 video a day of Teo Miguel. I know I’m not alone, there are moms all over the world that are obsessed with their child(ren) and the readiness of our phones help us stay constantly snapping. However, because I am married to a visual media nut my photos and videos are constantly being critiqued. I have been told that I need to be more steady and not talk in the background. God forbid I take a photo or video in portrait. HUGE NO-NO!! Do not take video in portrait. Amateur!

I digress, all the snapping usually lends itself to a ton of sharing. I mean I have a mental conversation every time I snap a photo of the kid. “Should I post this one?” “Wait, when was my last photo of him?” The “Ok, it’s been at least 2 hours, I can post” Sometimes I even wait an entire 24 hours to post something of the kid but man is it tough. I also try not to share the same type of photo twice. I mean how many #babyfirsts can we possibly see? But that one of him eating rice is so much cuter than the one of him eating his teething biscuits?ahhh! The pain!


see what I mean? how does one choose?
Then there’s the whole starting a new business where we want to be the leaders in content creation and social media strategy. So I can’t be the crazy mom that only “yells” at my friends and family I need to share other content and engage the peeps with whom I’m sharing. Right? I also want to share stuff that really makes a difference. I truly believe this is that product. Scott got me turned onto it and I’m excited that Drive will be partnering with them. Aetho (long A sound) is the company and they have created a gimbal called Aeon. I am no video geek and the only reason I know what the heck a gimbal is lies in my husbands hands. So let me tell you, a gimbal is this nifty thing that holds a camera super steady and allows for a free range of motion for its user. No more shaky footage of your kid doing his thing!! YAY! Anywho, the Aeon is a handheld gimbal and holds a GoPro. Basically it fits perfectly in your diaper bag and doesn’t weigh too much or add bulk to the already busting at the seams bag of yours (mine). Check it out! Best part, sharing your kids super cuteness is super easy and your F&F will all be so impressed by the footage they’ll think you’ve gone into the movie making business. 🙂 Mommy for the WIN!

So not only do I recommend checking them out but I highly recommend you keep posted on their upcoming events. They are set to start an Indiegogo campaign at the end of the month and you won’t want to miss the release of the Aeon. You’re sure to be the coolest Mommy on the block when you show up with one. Plus you’ll go from crazy mom status to total professional videographer in your first share (possible exaggeration). I know I’m dying to get my hands on one.

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