Poop, poop, poop

Now that I’m a parent I feel like it’s okay to talk about poop. Amirite?!? It’s super weird and I used to laugh when I heard other people talking about their kids potty routines. Now, however, I find myself asking Scott if and when the child pooped. What color was it? Etc. During dinner last night, we had an entire conversation about the amount of diapers we blew through yesterday alone. Weird.

Let me also share this isn’t entirely our norm. Téo has had diarrhea for the last couple days. Probably a perfect storm of teething, a virus, maybe something I ate, maybe his first day back at daycare, who knows! He’s a moving 9 month old that has  a not so unique habit of putting everything into his mouth. Since the diarrhea started, I think we’ve gone through an entire package of diapers. That’s 3 days and probably 36 diapers. Feels like newborn life again! 

So today Téo went diaper-less around the house. The kid loved it!! His booty got some airing out and I got to watch that cute little baby booty crawl all over. What is it about a baby booty? So darn cute!! (Eeck I hope I’m not alone on that one cuz that would be awkward)

2 Téo stories to share from today:

  • While changing his diaper early this morning, he quickly crawled away from me, diaper less. Thinking I had some time until the next explosion, I let him roam a little. FAIL! I followed after him to find him sitting in a fresh poop pile. 
  • While nursing him a few minutes ago, the kid tooted. Stopped nursing and busted out laughing. Stopped laughing, starred at me, tooted again, & cracked up even louder this time. At which point I couldn’t help but laugh alongside him. Boys. 

I’m sure there are plenty more poop and fart stories in our future but these are our first. I know I’ll be that parent that FB posts when her kid takes his first “big boy” potty. You’ve been warned.  

maybe we should blame the ball cart

or the dogs?
who knows? at least he’s still cute.

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