the nose frida

14-15 months ago while registering for stuff at Buy Buy Baby I was told to register for the nose frida. I adamantly said “no way!!” The thought of sucking my child’s boogers out of his nose with my mouth sounded like the worst possible thing. There was no way I was ever buying such a thing much less asking other people to get one for me. Who in there right mind would admit to sucking their child’s boogers out?!? Gross.

Fast forward 10 months to Téo’s first cold, guess who was back at BBB buying one of these “suckers”? Me. The stinkin’ bulb sucker was not cutting it. I had a screaming 5 month old and snot going everywhere. I was desperate!! Enter the Nose Frida. It worked amazingly well. Téo even let me suck the boogers right out. It was wonderful. Téo got a reprieve from the boogs and got better relatively quickly. 

Now to the present, Téo has his second cold. We have snot everywhere and a very wiggly baby. The Nose Frida has once again been great. When we can catch him, hold him down, piss him off, we get some good boogies out of his nose. 

Then this happens…

I inadvertently stick the nose part (covered in boogies) in my mouth. 



look close enough and you’ll see some boogs on his cheek

first bloody nose, darn cold!!

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