Communication & Life/Work Balance

Téo has 4 words: 
Dad – said super cutely in a shortened high pitch tone. (No he doesn’t say Mama and thinks it’s really funny when I try to get him to say it) 

loves his Dad
Dog – pronounced dawg, again in a cute every 4 legged furry thing is a “dawg”. I think he might also think he’s a dawg (sans fur).

that’s his tennis ball (hopefully)
Again – pronounced “gen” with a hard g sound and said about a thousand times when you say “the end” when reading any book

Ball – “baw” and pretty much is the only thing he wants to play with and takes precedence over all other toys

Just having 4 words has been so nice. I sometimes wish he came with a thought bubble over his head because he has the best stare face and I can’t help but wonder what he must be thinking. Also every time he says the right word for what he needs/sees, he claps for himself. It’s pretty damn cute! 

Clearly I’m consumed by this kid. Before we had him, I told myself I wouldn’t become one of those parents but man it’s hard. The hormones from breastfeeding definitely don’t help. Actually breastfeeding in general doesn’t help. I mean, he is completely attached to me. Which don’t get me wrong, I love! But it’s exhausting and has led to a complete loss of myself. 

Before baby, I was totally similar to what this dad describes as the advice he gets from non-parents. Oh pre-baby life! Unwanted Advice from Non-Parents

Anyway, before Téo came around I was super confident and had my shit together. I would totally say I was a highly efficient individual. I took on a lot but usually got a lot accomplished, alone. I didn’t ask for help too often and this suited me just fine. 


Ugh, life is a mess. Not being able to communicate my needs to Scott and letting things slip by has been a common theme for me. All of this lack of communication led to a huge fight between Scott and I. Read about it from Scott’s POV. Scott’s Blog

Anywho life is back in balance now and we’re on the road to communicating more efficiently. Basically I can’t just get mad at Scott every time he doesn’t do something I never asked him to do. (Duh) I also need to let go of the reins sometimes when it comes to Téo. Yes I’m breastfeeding but I can share when I need to get something done away from the baby. 

If any parents have any advice on how to keep work/home life in balance while staying true to who you were pre-baby, I’m all ears. Being a working Mom is tough but I am determined. I got way too lost while being a stay at home Mom. I know it’s not for me, at least right now. I’m sure this blog will be a back and forth saga of me wanting to spend all my time with Téo and wanting to be away from him for some me time.  

our post fight hike

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