Rookie Moves

Benjamin Spock famously wrote in the first line of his classic 1946 book Baby and Child Care,”Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”

We’re 10.5 months into this parenting thing and I’m sure it is the hardest job I’ve (we’ve) ever had. Staying at home is exhausting! Sending the baby to daycare and working is exhausting! Everything takes a considerable amount more time than it did pre-baby except possibly showering. There is a huge learning curve. Yes, some things do come naturally but others take some serious trial and error. As I get more “experienced” I look back at the many many times I made some serious rookie mistakes. 

Here are my favorites: 

Leaky boobs Of course, in the beginning this was a pretty regular thing. I think it goes hand in hand with breastfeeding. So you wear pads and you pump/feed regularly and all is happy & dry. However this story just happened 2 weeks ago. While coaching a volleyball match, I feel a huge wet spot on my shirt. Look down to find that yes in fact my boob is actively leaking. What I didn’t realize, my nursing tank had yet to be snapped over my boob. I had been walking around essentially bra-less for the last 3 hours or so. Mommy for the Win! 

Poop explosions on the go Every Mom (Dad) can tell you, preparation is essential when traveling with a baby. Yet, poop explosions happen. The other day, Scott and I were out for a little morning shopping. On the drive there, we heard Téo working his magic and definitely sensed it was a doozy. What we found out as soon as pulling him out of the car seat, a poop explosion!! All over the car seat, all over him, splooging down his legs, now on me. The only thing there was to do: strip him naked, use tons of wipes, and re-dress accordingly, in the trunk of course.

Co-sleeping We started co-sleeping/bed sharing when Téo was 8 months. Before then, we didn’t have a monitor and we slept in different rooms. Téo woke up anywhere between 1-4 times a night. He would primarily wake up to nurse so each trip into the room didn’t take but 5-10 minutes. No biggie! Until you’ve been doing that and working 40 hours/week for 6 months. I also had no clue how to nurse lying down so I didn’t think bed sharing was for us. Well partly due to necessity and our living arrangements, we began bed sharing. Téo and I quickly learned to nurse lying down and life became much sweeter with some extra z’s. As you all know, Téo isn’t the best sleeper but he’s a whole lot better now that we co-sleep. 

Wearing black Wearing any solid color these days. No wonder Moms go for patterned outfits. Téo loves to share his food, boogers, and any other grimy junk he has on his hands. The other day I showed up to practice covered in bananas and boogers and didn’t blink an eye until one of my players asked if I was ok. Oops! I guess I should look in a mirror before leaving the house. 

Lastly I think it’s pretty interesting that everyone says babies are all unique. Yes I suppose they are but I’m also glad they come with some form of predictability. The many apps and “research” I have done reminds me that these days will pass and I’ll long for the sleepless nights and the many diaper changes (wait, really?!?). Anywho, I love the trial and error that is our life. Our new normal. It’s not always fun or pretty, but I get to live this parenting thing with the love of my life by my side. I also have some great mentors that can laugh and share with me. So I guess I’ll just keep trusting myself and believing that I may know more than my mind thinks I do. 

Téo is really trying to walk. Every milestone makes all the rookie mistakes worth it. 

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