After 3.5 months of being “homeless”, we have arrived at our destination city. Along the way, we introduced Téo to so many friends and family. Our journey was amazing and we are glad we had the opportunity to make the move slowly. We found a lovely rental home that is just perfect for our needs right now. 

Today also marks 11 months for the little one. ELEVEN MONTHS!! Are you kidding me?!? I cannot believe how fast it has gone. Now that we have arrived I can start thinking about the holidays and celebrating Téo at the new home. This was already my favorite time of year and now knowing we can settle in just makes everything feel so much better.   

  We left AZ with heavy hearts leaving family but we knew it was time to move forward. We are filled with fear and excitement at what is next. For now, looking for a job for me, some freelancing work for Scott and a paying gig for Drive. All of this is so terribly possible, in the city of angels. Thankfully we have “Mama School” for Téo with his Auntie M. So grateful for family! Our village has been so crucial to our move across the country and words can’t express our love and thanks. 

Not only did the last 3.5 months see a huge move but Téo hit some huge milestones. 

  • Crawling to walking/climbing
  • Words to pointing & communicating his wants
  • Puréed food to almost everything (minus the big no-no’s) 
  • Bottle feeding to straw sippy cup
  • No teeth to 4 teeth

Exciting times! Come visit us in California! We’ll eventually have a couch for visitors and we’d love to see all our loved ones again soon!   

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