Walking Equals…

Baby on the Go

Oh my goodness, did we really ask for this? Everywhere we go, Téo wants to walk/run. He is constantly moving. That being said, we are constantly moving. It’s exhausting! (As I’m writing this, I’m sitting at the laundromat watching a 10 month old baby girl sitting up on top of the folding table, just chilling. No movement! Just sitting there while her Mom sits 5 feet away.) I guess the constant movement may be a boy thing! Nuts! (Giggle) 

Bumps & Bruises

I thought the bumps were bad with crawling. Once again, I was proven wrong. Walking is a whole new beast. Plus everything Téo encounters is taken like a challenge he needs to conquer. “Oh look Mom, a stack of boxes perfect for climbing! Thank you!” Téo has also discovered that he is tall enough to reach the door handles. Great no room is safe! 


This kid was hungry before but now that he’s on the move, I feel like a walking buffet open 24/7. Plus he’s eating solids every 3 hours. I have a feeling this will be a struggle forever and I suppose I should be happy our grocery bill hasn’t bankrupt us yet (I’ll leave that for his teenage years). 


We love shoes!! And a baby wearing shoes, oh-em-gee, too cute!! Thankfully we were given a few pairs as hand me downs and they are just perfect. They keep Teo’s feet clean and also make every outfit look that much better. 

Stinky feet

This may just be a boy thing or a my baby thing but man his feet smell awful. The combination of sweaty feet from all the moving and wearing shoes all day…gross! We play this game of “stinky patitas” that I’ve played since he was born. Now, however, I don’t dare to actually smell his feet. I do let Téo smell them though and the faces he makes when he gets a whiff are pretty hilarious. Maybe another boy thing?!? 

Where did my baby go? 

Téo started walking a few weeks ago but only got the full swing of things this past week and I already feel like he is growing up too fast. He looks taller and thinner. I don’t see a baby anymore (unless he’s sleeping) and it blows my mind. The past 11 months has just flown by. Yes we’ve been busy but I really hope I’ve cherished the moments. This little guy is too special and I’m so thankful to be his Mom. 


running around with his cousin
games at Chuck E Cheese
future rocker

One thought on “Walking Equals…

  1. Thanks for sharing what’s coming in just about a month!! I’m already exhausted from the crawling, yikes! Teo is growing into such a cute little boy but of course he would having been such a cute baby. Hope you are settling into your new home! Isn’t unpacking fun with a little one? Lol

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