Sleep begets sleep

I think we can all agree that babies need sleep. Do they like going to sleep…probably not. But they need it and when they get it, they usually want more of it. At least that’s the case with Téo. This kid FIGHTS sleeping. I mean full melt downs while rubbing his eyes and pulling his ears. He gets so sleepy sometimes that he can’t even walk without tipping over. Then he does this cute little sprawl on the floor as if he’ll just pass out right there. He lays his head ever so gently to the side and just stays there for a few seconds. Then pops up like ok I’m ready!! 

So I totally get that babies also like schedules, patterns that their bodies can get used to and predict. Of course, life happens and it’s not always possible to be home by 6 pm to do bath and bedtime routine. But man when we do get into the pattern, life is pretty great and predictable. We can expect Téo to be in bed by 7 pm and know that he’ll probably not be fully awake until 6:30 the next day. Then like clockwork he’ll be ready for a nap at 9:30, sleep for 2 hours and then nap again come 2:30. Mess with any of these components and life gets difficult. Naps on the go are doable, not great but they do happen. Téo seems quite content to fight getting into the car seat but will pass out hard once the car gets moving. He will then transfer pretty easily to the stroller and sleep another little bit.  He’s not much for snuggling so holding him while he’s sleeping isn’t really an option. Unless of course he’s in a nursing mood and then Mama’s arms and boobs are all the rage. 

I do love watching a sleeping Téo, so peaceful and full of dreams. Plus for the few seconds he does let us snuggle him, it’s wonderful!   

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