Bath toys

As I was giving Téo a bath tonight, I had this thought about his toys. My first thought was about the cleanliness of the toys. Are bath toys clean? I mean they only get used during bath time and there’s water & soap every time. Then I realized, shit, should I be cleaning the bath toys?!? Ugh! 

Hello Google, it’s me again. Crazy parent! 

Mommy Blogger Perspective with great tips
Livestrong site with step by step
Ok, so I totally should be washing Téo’s bath toys on a regular rotation. Duh, Mom! Definitely seems like I should’ve realized this sooner but here we are now. Up until now, my routine was swish them around in the water with the baby during bath time and scoop them up with our Boone Frog Scoop and leave them in the shower/tub until the next bath. Oops!! Thankfully, we don’t have any (more) toys with holes that could have mold growing inside them and all the toys will soon be soaked in bleach water just in case. 

totally recommend this even with the “risks”
I think we dodged a bullet but there’s definitely some great tips in those links about bath toy cleanliness. I’ll definitely keep a mental note, use hot glue for any toy with a hole in it and air dry toys whenever possible. 

he loves the bath!! once all the water is gone, bath time is over!
hooded ninja

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