“I’m a robot” (part 1)

Throwing a one year old birthday party is serious business. Ha! Says who? I’m not exactly sure but I got it in my head that I wanted a cool party for Téo’s first birthday. Knowing we didn’t know too many people in LA that have kids that should come to a birthday party, I also knew I wasn’t going to break the bank hosting a party for a kiddo that wasn’t going to remember the party either. So I did a whole lot of DIY and had a huge amount of help from family. I’ll talk about the actual party in part 2 but for now I want to highlight the cake. If you haven’t heard the other rage for one year old parties are smashcakes. Again who sets these things? 

Once we decided on a theme, robots; I got to Pinteresting & searching for all things budget friendly robot party. I also knew that my cousin Terri (expert cake maker) was possibly going to be in town and could help me with the cake. Score one for the village! 

Using this Partylcious party for direction and my cousin’s amazingness, this was our cake. 

3 layer: chocolate/vanilla/chocolate with vanilla pudding between each layer

the legs: spray painted silver with edible paint
buttercream frosted to perfection thanks to a secret method
the finished product, edible sugar sheets provided the face & chest decorations
Téo loved the legs, the donuts were probably his favorite part
“I’m 1”
Lastly, here’s a video of my niece, Maya trying to explain the need for Téo to dive into his cake (ignore the very silly adult convo in the background, lol).  

  Happy Birthday, Téo Miguel! It has been quite the year. We love you!

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