Weaning Woes

IMG_3778I know I’ve said it before but I love this book, Mama Mama. So cute and easy to read, it has easily become one of our favorites. Not only is it an all about Mama book but it shows breastfeeding in nature. LOVE! “Mama Mama. Soft as silk. Give me warmth And give me milk.

On the same note, this poem, breastfeeding Dr. Seuss style made me chuckle. “I will nurse, in any case, On the street or in your face. I will not let my baby cry, I’ll meet her needs, I’ll always try. It’s not about what’s good for you, It’s best for babies, through and through.”

Téo is 16.5 months old and has always nursed on demand but we’re coming to a point where stopping is imminent. I think I would continue for as long as he would let me if I was in charge. But let’s face it, the little blood sucker that I call my darling toddler has all the control. Nursing on demand is exhausting!! We part-time co-sleep so getting sleep in any proper position is impossible. Since going back to work, Téo has ramped up his night feedings. Scott and I feel we have a newborn again. Not good! Not only am I exhausted from sleeping with a 28lb kiddo on my body but Scott is exhausted because said kiddo is 34 inches long with some pretty strong kicking skills. Our cal king bed is simply not big enough!

After 3 months of super interrupted sleep, we’ve decided that weaning is not only necessary, it is required for our sanity. Monday night was night 1. I nursed Téo at night, put him in his crib to put himself to sleep and explained to him that milkie was going night-night too. That night wasn’t terrible, he woke up once and Scott was able to console him back to sleep. We woke the next morning thinking this was going to be the easiest thing. Huge strides in one night, parenting for the win!


Nights 2-4 have been a blur of screeching tears, hushed curse words, and horrible sleep.

Today, Téo woke up with a runny nose. So of course now I’m thinking that he needs his breastmilk super powers. Ugh, parenting is hard! I think we’ll stay the course and see how the weekend goes. I know this too shall pass…

But I ask, parents out there, any advise to ease our pain until it does?

Here are a couple websites I’ve found that I love and use regularly for any that are on their breastfeeding journey: Breastfeeding Timeline of Benefits & Belly Belly (not to be forgotten, KellyMom).


One thought on “Weaning Woes

  1. ‘They’ say 3 nights. A was closer to a month. What helped me, because I felt so guilty was a wise person telling me he doesn’t need to eat he’s just mad and you can rock him and be there supporting him through that feeling. I’m praying for some sleep for you soon!!! Oh and during those first weeks I hid and A thought I wasn’t there and once he led T all around the house and didn’t see me he then was like oh well I guess I’ll just go back to sleep!


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