Why a blog? 

I’m a new mom needing some inexpensive therapy.  So I’ve turned to blogging. I may not have any answers but I can share what we’ve been going through on this journey. From reading the plethora of information out there, I’ve discovered one thing: no child is the same. Each experience is unique and the way we respond is solely our responsibility. I am happy to be in the Mom Club and I’m thrilled to support other Moms on their journey.

I am thankful to be married to a wonderful man and I’ll probably talk about him lots. He’s my other half and I know I couldn’t do without him.

Again this blog isn’t about advice but merely a Mom sharing her experience as a means of support to other moms (future & present). I hope you enjoy reading my posts. I will warn they’ll probably be random since most of them will be written during a sleep deprived state in the middle of the night. Leave me a comment so I know you’ve stopped by. I’d also love to read your blog in return.

“Be kind to one another!”

2 thoughts on “Why a blog? 

  1. Sounds like you were also a very amazing woman about to be a mother, very calm and without panicking, Teo could not have come into this world in better hands, he was very blessed to have you all there.


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