14-15 months ago while registering for stuff at Buy Buy Baby I was told to register for the nose frida. I adamantly said “no way!!” The thought of sucking my child’s boogers out of his nose with my mouth sounded like the worst possible thing. There was no way I was ever buying such a thing much less asking other people to get one for me. Who in there right mind would admit to sucking their child’s boogers out?!? Gross. Fast forward 10 months to Téo’s first cold, guess who was back at BBB buying one of these “suckers”? … Continue reading Snotsucker 

Middle of the Night Musings

so this weekend is a major prom weekend so I’ve been seeing a ton of adorable teenagers dressed to the nines. Alongside all of these photos has been the term “on fleek”. What the heck? Since I have a little time (during our second middle of the night feed), I googled this phrase.  A Brief History of ” On Fleek” So there you have it!  I now feel really old and out of touch. I really need to get back on the pulse of things.      Continue reading Middle of the Night Musings

April Fool’s on Me

Last year while at a volleyball tournament, I along with my team thought it’d be funny to post this picture, with no caption:   We did it a few days before April 1st so no one really thought it was a joke. A whole bunch of comments came flooding in: excitement, wonder, anger that they didn’t find out first, etc.  Little did I know the joke was really on me!! Turns out I was 2 weeks pregnant at the time (we wouldn’t get confirmation of the pregnancy until 2 weeks after “my prank”).  So my advice for you today: be … Continue reading April Fool’s on Me